Polish Hunting Association is a nationwide organization of Polish hunters and hunting clubs.

Polish Hunting

About us

Polish Hunting Association is a nationwide organization of Polish hunters and hunting clubs. It has been active since 1923. It carries out its tasks on the basis of the Act „Hunting Laws” of 13 October 1995. It deals with hunting economy management in Poland, protection of the natural environment and preservation of biodiversity, co-operation with governmental and local administration, as well as publishing and exhibition activities. 


The supreme authority of the Polish Hunting Association is the National Convention of Delegates, which defines the main directions of activity and rules for carrying out the tasks of the Association. The supreme authority of the Association is the Hunting Council, which appoints an executive body – the Main Board of the Association. The headquarters of the Chief Executive of the Association is located in Warsaw, at Nowy Świat 35 Street. The press organ of the Association is the national monthly magazine „Łowiec Polski”, which has been published since 1899.


Polish Hunting Association is an association of hunters and hunting clubs with legal personality. It has over 126 thousand members.

In Poland, there are 2770 hunting clubs (comprising about 95% of all members of the Association), which lease nearly 4860 thousand hunting units. Independently, the Polish Hunting Association runs 28 Game Breeding Centers, whose task is exemplary hunting economy using scientific achievements.

The country is divided into 49 districts. Within the structure of the Polish Hunting Association at each level there are audit committees, which control the activities of the authorities, disciplinary prosecutor and hunting courts, whose task is to ensure that hunters respect the law and hunting ethics.

The Polish Hunting Association has the following clubs: Polish Female Hunter Club, Hunting Signalers Club, Hunting Culture and Collectors Club, Hunting Language and Literature Enthusiasts Club, Animals Decoyers Club and kennel clubs for hunting dogs.

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What we do?

Polish Hunting Association is responsible for managing
the hunting economy in the Republic of Poland.
Our main tasks include:

Protection, preservation and management of game populations in accordance with ecological principles and principles of rational agricultural, forest and fishery management.

Protection and shaping of natural environment to improve living conditions for game animals.

To obtain the best possible individual condition and quality of trophies and appropriate population size of particular animal species, keeping the balance of natural environment.

Fulfilling social needs in the field of hunting, cultivating tradition and spreading hunting ethics and culture.

Modern hunting is based on scientific grounds, conducting research at the Research Station of Polish Hunting Association in Czempin. The station is known throughout Europe for its efforts to protect birds of prey. It was there, in the 90s, where we started a successful peregrine falcon restitution program. It is also where we treat most of the raptors that have suffered injuries.

We also run the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Czempin, where under the supervision of specialists we take care of sick animals, and after finishing the treatment, we return them to nature.

We run the Foundation of Breeding and Reintroduction of Wild Animals, which supports the Polish Hunting Association’s activities in the field of breeding and reintroduction of wild animals, in particular the species whose numbers are on the decline, as well as those that used to be classified as game animals and are now under species protection. The activities of the Foundation consider the need to preserve the biodiversity of the natural environment and the rational management of its resources, especially in the field of hunting. The primary goal of the Foundation is to preserve wildlife species in the best possible condition for the benefit of future generations and to maintain centuries-old traditions of native hunting.

International Cooperation

The Polish Hunting Association was one of the founders of The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC).

Since 1994, Poland has also been a member of The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) which was founded in 1978 and acts as an advisory body to the European Parliament on hunting and game protection.

Where to hunt?

Poland is a geographically diverse country. This diversity determines specific distribution of game in the area. What characterizes the whole of our hunting territory are natural hunting grounds abounding in free-ranging game and large areas of districts leased by hunting clubs – minimum 3 thousand hectares.

Our country is characterized by a rich deer population at the level of 280 thousand individuals. This species is abundant in the districts managed by game breeding centers, covering large forest complexes. The largest stock of red deer can be found in the northern and western parts of Poland, which is also where the trophy stags come from, being a great attraction for foreign hunters.

Polish roe deer, whose population is about 840 thousand individuals, is of great interest to hunters, while the acquisition is a quarter of this number. Trophy antlers is hunted mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the country: in Podlasie and Lubelszczyzna, although the species is abundant in most Polish hunting grounds.

The wild boar, until recently found throughout the country, is now most often seen in the western part of the country, where the ASF virus has not yet thinned the population. However, the strongest individuals have been hunted so far in the north-eastern part of the country or in the Bieszczady Mountains. The population of wild boar in Poland is currently estimated at around 68 thousand animals.

Mouflons, although quite rare in our country, can be hunted in the western part of the country, which is also where the trophy individuals come from.

Poland is a geographically diverse country.
This diversity determines specific
distribution of game in the area.

The population of small game, as in the rest of Europe, is experiencing a downward trend, but the efforts of our hunters mainly in the reduction of predators and breeding of such species as pheasant, partridge and hare result in the maintenance of fairly stable populations, mainly in the central and eastern parts of the country.

It is worth noting that all species included in the Polish game list maintain stable populations. Rational management of this asset is possible thanks to constant monitoring of the game, conducting reliable scientific research and breeding centers, which can be found all over Poland.

Rich and varied hunting grounds, unique hunting culture and Polish hospitality encourage people to visit our country. We have more than 30 Game Breeding Centers, where professionally trained staff and properly protected hunting grounds guarantee successful hunting.

If you want to hunt in Poland, please contact our Hunting Office:
e-mail: diana@diana.com.pl